2014-15 Home Schedule
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DayTimeSport Opponent
232:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Cedarville University
301:00PMBaseball vs. Georgetown College
 Returners vs. Rookies
305:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Montreat College
307:30PMWomen's Soccer vs. Union College
35:00PMJV Volleyball vs. Campbellsville University
37:00PMVolleyball vs. Campbellsville UniversityLive Stats
512:00PMVolleyball vs. Grace CollegeLive Stats
 Rumpke Invitational
56:45PMVolleyball vs. Olivet Nazarene UniversityLive Stats
 Rumpke Invitational
611:45AMVolleyball vs. Asbury UniversityLive Stats
 Rumpke Invitational
64:15PMVolleyball vs. Marian UniversityLive Stats
 Rumpke Invitational
88:00AMMen's GolfBluegrass Fall Classic
88:00AMWomen's GolfBluegrass Fall Classic
98:00AMMen's GolfBluegrass Fall Classic
98:00AMWomen's GolfBluegrass Fall Classic
95:00PMJV Volleyball vs. St. Catharine College
97:00PMVolleyball vs. St. Catharine CollegeLive Stats
107:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Mt. St. JosephLive Stats
1311:30AMVolleyball vs. Indiana University Southeast
131:30PMFootball vs. Bethel UniversityLive Stats
 2014 Home & Season Opener
133:00PMVolleyball vs. Indiana University East
156:30PMJV Volleyball vs. Union College
175:00PMJV Volleyball vs. University of the Cumberlands
175:00PMJV Baseball vs. Lindsey Wilson
17Game 2JV Baseball vs. Lindsey Wilson
177:00PMVolleyball vs. University of the CumberlandsLive Stats
2010:30AMWomen's Tennis vs. Cedarville University
 NCAA Division II G-MAC
202:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Ohio ChristianLive Stats
204:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Ohio ChristianLive Stats
212:00PMSoftball vs. Pride
21Game 2Softball vs. Pride
247:00PMJV Volleyball vs. Asbury University
271:30PMFootball vs. Kentucky Christian UniversityLive Stats
277:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Cincinnati Christian UniversityLive Stats
28Game 2JV Baseball vs. Campbellsville University
285:00PMJV Baseball vs. Campbellsville University
294:00PMJV Baseball vs. St. Catharine College
29Game 2JV Baseball vs. St. Catharine College
307:00PMVolleyball vs. Shawnee State UniversityLive Stats
27:00PMJV Volleyball vs. Asbury University
411:00AMMen's Tennis vs. Cornerstone University
41:30PMFootball vs. Faulkner UniversityLive Stats
42:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. University of Southern Indiana
46:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. St. Catharine CollegeLive Stats
48:00PMMen's Soccer vs. St. Catharine CollegeLive Stats
7 JV Men's Basketball vs. Campbellsville University
86:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. University of the Cumberlands
88:00PMMen's Soccer vs. University of the CumberlandsLive Stats
11 Softball vs. TBA
 Vernon Bibb Memorial
132:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Point Park University
14 JV Men's Basketball vs. Asbury University
175:00PMJV Volleyball vs. University of Pikeville
177:00PMVolleyball vs. University of PikevilleLive Stats
181:30PMFootball vs. University of the CumberlandsLive Stats
19 Softball vs. GC Alumni
 Alumnae Day
22 JV Men's Basketball vs. Elizabethtown CC
226:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Lindsey WilsonLive Stats
228:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Lindsey WilsonLive Stats
242:00PMVolleyball vs. Viterbo UniversityLive Stats
 Boneyard Brawl
247:00PMVolleyball vs. Columbia CollegeLive Stats
 Boneyard Brawl
2510:00AMVolleyball vs. Davenport UniversityLive Stats
 Boneyard Brawl
2512:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Bryan CollegeLive Stats
 Senior Day
252:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Asbury UniversityLive Stats
 Senior Day
252:00PMJV Baseball vs. Asbury University
25Game 2JV Baseball vs. Asbury University
253:00PMVolleyball vs. Bryan CollegeLive Stats
 Boneyard Brawl
277:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Miami University MiddletownLive Stats
28 JV Volleyball vs. Lindsey Wilson
287:00PMVolleyball vs. Lindsey WilsonLive Stats
297:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Ohio State-NewarkLive Stats
297:00PMJV Volleyball vs. Kentucky Christian University
307:00PMVolleyball vs. Cumberland Univ.Live Stats
 Senior Night
11:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Salem International UniversityLive Stats
 NCAA Division II G-MAC
12:00PMJV Baseball vs. Asbury University
1Game 2JV Baseball vs. Asbury University
78:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Brescia UniversityLive Stats
 Habitat Classic
8 JV Volleyball vs. TBA
 Mid-South JV Championships
81:30PMFootball vs. Union CollegeLive Stats
 Senior Day
84:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Calumet College of St. Joseph
 Habitat Classic
116:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Midway CollegeLive Stats
206:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Cumberland Univ.Live Stats
208:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Cumberland Univ.Live Stats
222:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Lindsey WilsonLive Stats
224:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Lindsey WilsonLive Stats
257:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Indiana University SoutheastLive Stats
28 Men's Basketball vs. Carlow CollegeLive Stats
 Central Bank Jim Reid Classic
29 Men's Basketball vs. Southern University at New OrleansLive Stats
 Central Bank Jim Reid Classic
302:00PMMen's Basketball vs. University of Cincinnati-ClermontLive Stats
13 Men's Basketball vs. Martin MethodistLive Stats
13 Women's Basketball vs. Tennessee WesleyanLive Stats
166:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Indiana Wesleyan UniversityLive Stats
24:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Olivet Nazarene UniversityLive Stats
226:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Campbellsville UniversityLive Stats
228:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Campbellsville UniversityLive Stats
242:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. St. Catharine CollegeLive Stats
244:00PMMen's Basketball vs. St. Catharine CollegeLive Stats
277:00PMMen's Basketball vs. West Virginia Institute of TechnologyLive Stats
312:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Shawnee State University
314:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Shawnee State University
37:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Wilberforce University
74:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Life University
131:00PMBaseball vs. Davenport University
13Game 2Baseball vs. Davenport University
1411:00AMWomen's Lacrosse vs. Truett-McConnell College
1412:00PMBaseball vs. Davenport University
14Game 2Baseball vs. Davenport University
196:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. University of PikevilleLive Stats
198:00PMMen's Basketball vs. University of PikevilleLive Stats
212:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. University of the CumberlandsLive Stats
214:00PMMen's Basketball vs. University of the CumberlandsLive Stats
215:00PMWomen's Lacrosse vs. Point University
273:00PMSoftball vs. Indiana Institute of Technology
27Game 2Softball vs. Indiana Institute of Technology
28 Women's Lacrosse vs. Robert Morris College
2812:00PMBaseball vs. Saint Xavier University
28Game 2Baseball vs. Saint Xavier University
282:00PMSoftball vs. Montreat College
28Game 2Softball vs. Montreat College
11:00PMBaseball vs. Saint Xavier University
1Game 2Baseball vs. Saint Xavier University
11:00PMWomen's Lacrosse vs. Lourdes University
32:00PMSoftball vs. Midway College
3Game 2Softball vs. Midway College
56:00PMWomen's Lacrosse vs. Siena Heights University
61:00PMSoftball vs. Union College
6Game 2Softball vs. Union College
63:00PMBaseball vs. University of Saint Francis
6Game 2Baseball vs. University of Saint Francis
71:00PMBaseball vs. University of Saint Francis
7Game 2Baseball vs. University of Saint Francis
72:00PMSoftball vs. Lourdes University
7Game 2Softball vs. Lourdes University
812:00PMBaseball vs. Waldorf College
93:00PMWomen's Lacrosse vs. Ursuline College
134:00PMBaseball vs. University of Pikeville
137:00PMWomen's Lacrosse vs. Converse College
141:00PMBaseball vs. University of Pikeville
14Game 2Baseball vs. University of Pikeville
236:00PMBaseball vs. Asbury University
278:00PMWomen's Lacrosse vs. SCAD Savannah
2812:00PMWomen's Lacrosse vs. Davenport University
2912:00PMBaseball vs. Point Park University
29Game 2Baseball vs. Point Park University
313:00PMSoftball vs. Shawnee State University
31Game 2Softball vs. Shawnee State University
3Game 2Softball vs. Lindsey Wilson
32:00PMSoftball vs. Lindsey Wilson
33:00PMBaseball vs. Lindsey Wilson
412:00PMBaseball vs. Lindsey Wilson
4Game 2Baseball vs. Lindsey Wilson
412:00PMSoftball vs. Lindsey Wilson
4Game 2Softball vs. Lindsey Wilson
66:00PMBaseball vs. Asbury University
73:00PMSoftball vs. University of the Cumberlands
7Game 2Softball vs. University of the Cumberlands
76:00PMBaseball vs. Union College
103:00PMBaseball vs. University of the Cumberlands
104:00PMSoftball vs. Cumberland Univ.
10Game 2Softball vs. Cumberland Univ.
1112:00PMBaseball vs. University of the Cumberlands
11Game 2Baseball vs. University of the Cumberlands
1112:00PMSoftball vs. Cumberland Univ.
11Game 2Softball vs. Cumberland Univ.
146:00PMBaseball vs. Indiana University Southeast
174:00PMBaseball vs. Shawnee State University
181:00PMBaseball vs. Shawnee State University
 Senior Day
18Game 2Baseball vs. Shawnee State University
216:00PMBaseball vs. Miami University - Hamilton


Mid-South Conference