Wed, May 29, 2013 - [Dance]
2013 Tiger Dance tryouts set

Tiger Dance team is holding tryouts Sunday, June 9 at United Talent Dance Studio, 101 Spring Court, Georgetown, Ky. There will be a clinic from 10 am-noon with a break for lunch and tryouts beginning at 1:30 pm.

Please wear dance clothing – fitted tank top or T-shirt, dance shorts or pants and proper dance shoes. Hair should be secured back and out of dancers' faces and eyes. During the clinic, dancers will learn a one-minute tryout routine and the fight song.

Demonstration of the following skills will be required – right, left and center splits; heel stretch or leg hold; toe touch; C-jump; single and double turns; split leap; straddle leap and a variety of switch leap; hand stand and head spring. Dancers will also have the opportunity to showcase extra skills such as fouette turns, coupe turns, triple turns, extra leap combinations, handstand, kip-up, k-kicks, etc.

Requirements once on the team include attending all practices and performances throughout the football and basketball season. Halftime and sideline routines will be performed for home football games with just halftime routines for basketball. It is required to participate in all fundraising activities and perform at any regional or national competition chosen by the coach. Dancers are to maintain the GPA setforth for college student-athletes and will uphold morals and values as listed in their team contract.

Those interesting in tryout need to email coach Sara Grega, [email protected], the following information:


Grade (grade entering in August)

Years of Dance Experience


Current GPA

Also, those interested but unable to attend the tryout June 9 may contact Grega for a list of requirements for sending in a tryout video.

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