Fri, Aug 23, 2013 - [Baseball]

Want to see the great debate settled on the field? Come out to Georgetown College baseball's Returners vs. Rookies game 5 pm Saturday at Robert N. Wilson Field.

The game will pit teammate against teammate as those who played in 2013 face those looking to take the field in 2014. The Tigers added 18 transfers and nine true freshmen that will make up the newcomers team.

"It is always a fun game and a chance to let them settle some of the jawing they do at each other," said GC coach Micah Baumfeld. "It should be a really competitive game. We brought in a lot of strength and it isn't as if our returners are facing players that haven't played college baseball. We have 18 very skilled players to go with our nine freshmen that should make it fun."

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